An Air of Nonchalance

“Elegance in not standing out, but being remembered” – Giorgio Armani Amidst the throng that is craving for attention, and people yearning to be recognized, glide through it, just as breezily as you can see through them. Be in your own league, set a standard that is incomparable and care less for consideration. Nonchalance- a lesson in elegance And… Continue reading An Air of Nonchalance

Back in the Robes!

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I cannot sustain my enthusiasm on an onset of another season in Goa where I will be showcasing the best in resort fashion and holiday lifestyle. This time, I will make sure to give an all access virtual tour to Goa- The places to stay, to visit, to dine, to drink, to party, and of course the fashion to wear.

– Navya


Photography – Mohammed Shariff

Model- Navya Ramesh

Location – Marbela Beach Resort

Bardot Burgler

#MischiefManaged Creative Direction, Styling, Modeling- Navya Ramesh Photography – Mohammed Shariff

Bamboos and Bikinis

#GoaCalling Art Direction, Styling, Modelling – Navya Ramesh Photography- Mohammed Shariff

I am Retro Gypsy

I am gypsy soul walking this earth and wandering through coastlines looking ahead and beyond. I have stopped, rested in a place where I hear the blustering music calling from the shores, the heartiest laughs, and the loudest conversations. This is where I dwell in trance, it is here where Goa Gill and Raja Ram tripped on it, it… Continue reading I am Retro Gypsy

Sun-kissed on a Sunday

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Creative Direction, Modelling, Styling – Navya Ramesh

Photography- Mohammed Shariff

Black sands and the white mist

 “Time is precious, waste it wisely.” And I can spend a lifetime with you. I can strut my way along you all day, all night and never get tired of you. My love for black sands creeping though my toes and the waves tickling my feet is undying. It is in you that I find my… Continue reading Black sands and the white mist