I am Retro Gypsy

MNS_0616-21 (2) finalMNS_0602a1 MNS_0564

I am gypsy soul walking this earth and wandering through coastlines looking ahead and beyond.

I have stopped, rested in a place where I hear the blustering music calling from the shores, the heartiest laughs, and the loudest conversations. This is where I dwell in trance, it is here where Goa Gill and Raja Ram tripped on it, it is here where I find what the old hippies have left behind, where everyone can be who he/she wants- in the land of allowance.

It is here were the drunken stupors last days… where the sun sets and when he first looked into my eyes and said “ya lyublyu tebya”. It is here that I have danced all night,…. danced all day.

Goa is not just a state, it is a state of mind and when in Goa, I do as the Goans do, I live it up.



Creative Direction, Modelling, Styling – Navya Ramesh

Photography – Mohammed Shariff

Location – Marbela Beach Resort


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