Paradise haunts my mind

Being in the city for a while, and reminiscing the gorgeous town, I am much excited to go back. Stay in touch, get real time updates on an All Access Guide to Goa. See Goa through these sensual lenses. Catch all the action, quite literally. #followme #Goacalling Advertisements

Back in Action

Every picture, every post speaks a thousand words… words that cannot be said, expressed through a capture and experienced through the sight and mind. Harpers Bazaar brings vintage inspiration in the form of Natalie Portman in free spirited yet sophisticated picture reinforcing that life is meant to be lived free. Bringing the burlesque back and… Continue reading Back in Action

Apart from the Art

“Life should not only be lived, it should be Celebrated.” -Osho From being inspired by the gorgeous Irina Shyke in the Versace Atelier gown and attending the Fashion week in the city, flying to the city of the Nawabs and beautiful pearls, visiting the Nawab’s Palace, attending a big fat Indian wedding and relaxing at the resort to spending the weekend… Continue reading Apart from the Art