Tropical Winter Holiday Look Book

Shopping for holidays is a terrible affair when you are going through racks and piles of warm clothes meant for the western winters, especially if you are planning to hit the beach this yearly break. Lets face it, we in the tropical countries do not really experience much of winters, apart from the occasional nippy air.… Continue reading Tropical Winter Holiday Look Book

Whatever your shape, be sexy…

The British might want to exit the EU, but the British fashion is here to stay in India! Bringing contemporary fashion, straight from London is Marks & Spencer with its international and on-trend styling. Apart from being a go-to-place for formals, this high fashion brand houses a huge collection of lingerie which the Londoners go gaga… Continue reading Whatever your shape, be sexy…

Love for your Body

I am all for loving oneself before loving others, and loving oneself more than loving others. Loving oneself is loving your body, taking good care of it and respecting it. Your body is the only place you have to live in for the rest of your life and it is the only one you have got.… Continue reading Love for your Body

Haute Summer Pursuit

As much as I love to travel, hit the ocean, sip on Malibu by the beach, I am a city girl. Having lived most of my life in a city without a beach, I find the need to replicate the experience in a local pool. As the temperatures rise this summer, the need for being by the pool has also risen. With a bunch of pool party invitations coming my way, I decided to style it up and flaunt a couple of looks for the pool.

Keeping it classy, high fashion and yet sensuous, I bring to you the newly launched and uber stylish swimwear from amanté. With excellent designs, macramé detailing and vibrant colors, this swimwear collection definitely ups the glamour quotient. This swimwear, styled with printed cover ups, chic accessories and high heels, makes for a perfect fit for the mercury rising fashionista.

Getting my glam on, here are the swimwear looks for this season:

Navya Ramesh

Navya Ramesh (4)SP0C7333 copy1Navya Ramesh (6)Navya Ramesh (2)Navya Ramesh (3)

Watch the video here:



– Navya


Swimwear/ Beachwear by amanté

Sunglasses by Hidesign

Photography & Editing – Nithin Narayan

Video – Gopi Krishnan

Video Editing – Rishabh Chaturvedi

Hair & Makeup- Ronand Vaiphei & Andy Ngaihte from Jean Claude Biguine

Model, Styling & Creative Direction – Navya Ramesh

Location- Sky Deck VR Bengaluru

My Body is a Wonderland

Navya body artNavya body artNavya body artf61b1f36222053.57147db82584dNavya body art03778e36222053.57147db8270daNavya body artNavya body art

“Everything you can Imagine is Real”

– Pablo Picasso

As life imitates art and art imitates life, much of my imagination is fueled by art and artists around the world. I want much of my life to be art as only art is the proper taste of life. Great artists like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso among many others have inspired us to dream and create beyond ourselves. And hence, today being the World Art Day, I have decided to give back and make a minuscule contribution to the vast  yet fascinating world of art.

For this project, I collaborated with Hidesign, a company so vested in art and craftsmanship that they have an Exclusive collection of hand painted bags by Artist Amrita Nambiar. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and we set out to create wonderland on my body through just paint and makeup.

I am lucky to be surrounded by  talented and creative people in my life, people who can create emotions, arouse passion and transcend reality. I worked with the immensely talented fine art artist, Indumathi Swamy from Bangalore, trying her hand at body paint for the first time, and yet excelling in creating such a mind blowing work of art on my body. All credits goes out to the rest of the crew who made this come alive and assured me of the fact that you can create all that you imagine.

– Navya

Watch the making of the Art and the shoot here

body paint1


#InspiredByArt #SkinAsCanvas #myBodyisaWonderland


Bags by Hidesign

Body Art by Indumathi Swamy

Photography & Editing – Nithin Narayan

Film & Editing – Rishabh Chaturvedi

Hair & Makeup- Ronand Vaiphei & Andy Ngaihte from Jean Claude Biguine

Model, Styling & Creative Direction – Navya Ramesh

Location – Suvaranamukhi Holistic Centre


Damsels and Day Dreams

“Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein We are the lovers, the lunatics and the poets. The authors who never forget to daydream and the artists who never cease to imagine. Let us create a parallel world, a more interesting world, than the one around us. We have the… Continue reading Damsels and Day Dreams

The Longing

As she stood staring at all the life in her sight, everything seemed dull and barren compared to the passion burning in her body, the pulsing rush of longing, desperately yearning for her lover’s whisper and his irresistible magic…. The fire in her body was enough to drive the sanest of them mad. She began… Continue reading The Longing