Tropical Winter Holiday Look Book

Shopping for holidays is a terrible affair when you are going through racks and piles of warm clothes meant for the western winters, especially if you are planning to hit the beach this yearly break. Lets face it, we in the tropical countries do not really experience much of winters, apart from the occasional nippy air.… Continue reading Tropical Winter Holiday Look Book

Whatever your shape, be sexy…

The British might want to exit the EU, but the British fashion is here to stay in India! Bringing contemporary fashion, straight from London is Marks & Spencer with its international and on-trend styling. Apart from being a go-to-place for formals, this high fashion brand houses a huge collection of lingerie which the Londoners go gaga… Continue reading Whatever your shape, be sexy…

Hippie in High Heels

The Unlimited stores collection houses a lot of Indian and Indo- western wear. The fabric is light and fresh and the colors subtle but bright, perfect for Indian Summers. And hence when I was asked to style the Summer Collection, I chose a white breezy cotton top with cobalt blue Indie prints, paired it with a… Continue reading Hippie in High Heels

Sun-kissed on a Sunday

2 (7)-2

Creative Direction, Modelling, Styling – Navya Ramesh

Photography- Mohammed Shariff

Zen Mode

We perceive the world through our bodies. There is nothing in our mind that has not already been in our sensations. Awareness is brought to us by our bodies’ direct experience. And zen is a level which concentrates its emphasis on the body’s sensual abilities above and beyond thought. And this is how I meditate, when I… Continue reading Zen Mode

A Reclining Reflection

We recognize pleasure as the first good innate in us, and from pleasure we begin every act of choice and avoidance, and to pleasure we return again, using the feeling as the standard by which we judge every good. -Epicurus Photography- Hari Menon Creative Direction, Styling, Modelling- Navya Ramesh Location Courtesy- Jade 735, Retreat By… Continue reading A Reclining Reflection