Back in Action

Every picture, every post speaks a thousand words… words that cannot be said, expressed through a capture and experienced through the sight and mind. Harpers Bazaar brings vintage inspiration in the form of Natalie Portman in free spirited yet sophisticated picture reinforcing that life is meant to be lived free. Bringing the burlesque back and… Continue reading Back in Action

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

Sometimes, it has already been best said by others. Here’s a list of my favourite quotes from sensualists of all time: “Vanity is my favourite sin.” -Al Pacino “Nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner.” ― Oscar Wilde “Vanity is becoming a nuisance, I can see why women give… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

On a personal note….

We have come to the last of the series shot with the very talented photographer, Hari Menon. It has indeed been a pleasure working with him. From my pain-staking first poses to effortless photos, we have come a long way. He has made me look delightfully graceful. I hope he has a blast with his travel… Continue reading On a personal note….

An Endless Love Affair

A girl and the pool on Sundays are an endless love affair……. Blue is the colour of harmony, where the water imitates the sky in the morning sun. I chose to be one, one with the sky and the water today. I feel the love shine on my face and ripple on my skin. I… Continue reading An Endless Love Affair

Figment of Fantasies

Waking up to a chilly morning, I gear up for chillier adventures. Finishing my bowl of the mushroom soup, I step outside seeking a fantasy. My surroundings get more luminous as the air gets crisper and the grass, greener. I am now sure to find it, the sinful cabin in the woods. As I walk further,… Continue reading Figment of Fantasies

Apart from the Art

“Life should not only be lived, it should be Celebrated.” -Osho From being inspired by the gorgeous Irina Shyke in the Versace Atelier gown and attending the Fashion week in the city, flying to the city of the Nawabs and beautiful pearls, visiting the Nawab’s Palace, attending a big fat Indian wedding and relaxing at the resort to spending the weekend… Continue reading Apart from the Art