On a personal note….


We have come to the last of the series shot with the very talented photographer, Hari Menon. It has indeed been a pleasure working with him. From my pain-staking first poses to effortless photos, we have come a long way. He has made me look delightfully graceful. I hope he has a blast with his travel and scenic adventures. I look forward to working with him again. I would also like to thank Jithin Prakash, for being there and assisting the shoots.

Special thanks to Sandeep Nandlal, my dear friend and my well wisher. And all credit goes out to Aakriti Aalva, who has always been the pillar of support in all my endeavours.

I am stoked to have such wonderful people around me who have helped me pilot the blog.

As I have outset into this beginning, I feel that I have opened the doors to fascinating new possibilities and experiences. I can feel that this is going to be an expedition of debaucherous proportions…



Creative Direction, Styling, Modelling- Navya Ramesh

Photography- Hari Menon


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