Back in Action


Every picture, every post speaks a thousand words… words that cannot be said, expressed through a capture and experienced through the sight and mind. Harpers Bazaar brings vintage inspiration in the form of Natalie Portman in free spirited yet sophisticated picture reinforcing that life is meant to be lived free. Bringing the burlesque back and sporting a lacy corset for a sexy Sunday soiree , I also found out where to buy the best lingerie for the longing requirements.

It was a banging week in Bangkok touring the city and the buzzing malls. I must say, the city has the best of fashion trends from street to luxury, it has everything for everybody. The shopping there is truly spectacular. The night-life is one of a kind with parties which go on and on, it is a haven for people to explore their sexuality because of the legalized prostitution and widely accepted transsexuals who call themselves lady boys. They have mastered the art of plastic surgery as I was surprised to noticed how the lady boys looked sexier and more in shape than most women.

From the relaxing Thai massages to the noisy tuk tuks, I truely had a blast in Bangkok, quite literally. Happening right outside the hotel where we stayed at, I witnessed what can be called one of the most dramatic incidents in my life. RIP for all those who have lost their lives and speedy recovery for all the survivors. This experience has been staggering and I hope Bangkok feels safe again to travel.
Back safe and sound to the city to have a sexy visitor over the weekend, it has been a long and relaxing break to come further, a step ahead in the learnings of the sensualist.



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