Hippie in High Heels

The Unlimited stores collection houses a lot of Indian and Indo- western wear. The fabric is light and fresh and the colors subtle but bright, perfect for Indian Summers.

And hence when I was asked to style the Summer Collection, I chose a white breezy cotton top with cobalt blue Indie prints, paired it with a blue printed palazzo and topped it up with fringed blue shrug to complete the Indian inspired foreign traveler look . The women in focus is inspired by India and its colors, she is an explorer absorbing all the culture and yet staying cool and comfortable in her own skin. She is influenced by the 1980’s and 1990’s hippie era of Goa and is spending her summer in India discovering the different trance music festivals. She is grounded, yet true to her roots as she styles her wardrobe in effortlessly chic manner. The accessories I used for styling is the model’s own, which was of rustic silver, the sunglasses resembled the John Lenon glasses from the Woodstock era of the 1960s and for the shoes, she used a pair of high heeled open toe stilettos to bring out the chic factor. All in all, this Indo- Bohemian Summer look is a great fashion statement with plenty of chill.

I had a lot of fun styling this look and was glad to be a part of the exercise where I could bring out the trends for travelers in India.

Here are some pictures of Ava (the model), keeping it extra cool this summer:




– Navya


Wardrobe by Unlimited Stores

Styling By Navya Ramesh

Model- Ava Safai



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