Black sands and the white mist

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Marbela 2

Marbela 3

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1ps-211-41-2 “Time is precious, waste it wisely.”

And I can spend a lifetime with you. I can strut my way along you all day, all night and never get tired of you. My love for black sands creeping though my toes and the waves tickling my feet is undying. It is in you that I find my tranquillity. When I am with you, I am at peace, at easy. All I want to do is lie on you, light a joint and look at the blue skies.  The sound of you in my ears are like whispers of sweet nothings.

This is a dysfunctional love affair, because I am addicted to you. I would renounce the whole world for you. My mind keeps replaying the moments I am with you, and that is when I just lay flat and think about nothing but you. Ever so now and then I keep running back to you, and you accept me with open arms and your warm body when I am almost naked. This is when I am truly myself. I laugh, I cry, I dance, openly in your presence. It is you who keeps me grounded and whose love I value.

Sensually yours,

Creative Direction, Styling Modelling – Navya Ramesh

Photography – Mohammed Shariff

Location – Marbela Beach Resort


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