An Air of Nonchalance

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“Elegance in not standing out, but being remembered” – Giorgio Armani

Amidst the throng that is craving for attention, and people yearning to be recognized, glide through it, just as breezily as you can see through them. Be in your own league, set a standard that is incomparable and care less for consideration.

Nonchalance- a lesson in elegance

And hence we come to the end of  yet another elegant season where I transform my thoughts into my looks, my ideology into my presence and my feelings into fashion.

All credits to Mohammed Shariff, being a budding and yet sensational photographer, who has made me look beyond fantastic. I wish you all the best my friend, you will go a long way with your talent.

And of course, the resonance of beauty itself – Marbela Beach Resort, spectacular place to relax, unwind, party and also to go crazy. Can’t wait to go back.



Styling, Modeling, Creative Direction- Navya Ramesh

Photography – Mohammed Shariff

Location – Marbela Beach Resort


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