Plum Cakes and Puddings

I am a little part of all religions and a big part of no religion.” – Osho

Being schooled in a Catholic institution all my life, and being the all glorious convent girl, my brain gets dopamine fueled every major Christian holiday. Like Christmas for example, although it is non-religious for me, it does bring back memories of the handmade cribs which my mum and I used diligently construct for the competitions, decorating my friend’s Christmas tree or playing Secret Santa in a class full of 60! Cake and Wine for example is the grown up version of how I celebrate it here, where all of us in our fancy cocktail dresses and suits get wasted. Yes, most of adulthood moments are about getting wasted.

In the wake of the holiday season of Easter, I would like to share an interesting experience I had way back in November, courtesy of the Hidesign Properties. As privileged as it sounds, I was invited to attend the “Cake mixing” event which takes place as a tradition.

Right in the middle of the high street of the charming little heritage town lies the Promenade Hotels, overlooking the beautiful boulevard and the rock beach. The Cake mixing event took place in the outdoors at the Promenade. Traditional plum cakes are made by a process of soaking the fruits in wine and other alcohol for months. At the Hidesign headquarters, they usually soaked it for about 2. Large quantities of fruit and nuts were on display and rubber gloves were distributed as the guests, the media and the hosts prepared to get messy. Oh! It was ever so satisfying to pour bottles of alcohol on the fruit and churn them all up using your hands. I should not have been wearing white that day! But all is well that ends well. We had loads of mulled wine, (also a traditional Christmas drink) and even learnt how to make it. Only I do not remember it as the drunken haze did not help. I would fish out the video for you, except this is not a culinary blog.

So we drank wine and made merry. The next day we went on a picnic of sorts with wine and tapas to one of the most surreal virgin waters. It was a day tour to the private beach on the ECR connection Pondicherry and Chennai. The video of which has been posted on my YouTube channel. Below is the link to the same. Do check it out. I am really thankful for Hidesign for giving us such an awesome and memorable trip. The hospitality of the staff was remarkable.


Today being Good Friday, I hope you all stay good and save the madness for Easter. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Merrily Yours,


P.S: You are most welcome to send me Easter eggs. Look forward.



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