7 Reasons: Why you Must visit the Philippines

The experience of holidaying at the Philippines does not fall short of the country’s official tagline – “It is more fun in the Philippines.” And here is why-

  1. Paradise Islands: From bluest of the waters to the whitest of the sands, and the elaborate landscapes of some of the untouched beaches is what one can call a postcard perfection. It is definitely a place for your Instagram goals because of its breathtaking natural beauty.IMG_20170404_103630_949
  2. The food: While flying from Kuala Lumpur to Philippines, I was surprised at the change in the kind of food in Philippines. The Filipinos love their meat and boy do they know how to cook it well. I thoroughly enjoyed the barbecues of pork, lamb and beef. The meat is so tender and not too heavy on spices because of the elaborate methods of cooking they use. Every restaurant served the best tasting dishes cooked to perfection. The cities are filled with American influenced fast food joints, noodle bars and cuisines from all over the world. Traditional Filipino cuisine consists of rice, fish or meat, mostly pork, which also happens to be my favorite meat.
  3. The people: The Filipino culture is very easy going and the people are warm and friendly. They are one of the most hospitable people and definitely know the definition of fun.
  4. The authenticity of the place: As you enter the Philippines, you get a whiff of the old world charm. From the manila cigars to the churches, the Filipino culture is largely influenced by the Spanish rule. The rusty yet authentic surroundings does give you the feel of yester-years.IMG_20170328_161920_829
  5. The activities: Philippines has a lot to do when it comes to the number of activities. You would definitely not get bored here. The activities ranges from water sports to shopping which deserves a post of its own.
  6. The weather: The group of islands enjoy the tropical climate which means a lot of bright sunny days. November to February are cooler months as compared to March, April and May. But visiting during April and May was still pleasant. There is something about the tropical weather which just gets me.IMG_20170411_100316_810
  7. Cheap Alcohol: The alcohol that we purchased was the cheapest I have ever purchased which allowed us to be drunks for the whole 10 days of our vacation. If you enjoy your drink, just as much as me, be prepared to turn into an alcoholic here. This needed serious detox when I headed back.

All in all Philippines is one of the best countries to visit for a holiday. It definitely will not disappoint you. It is all about fun in the Philippines.

Sensually yours,




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