East India: The journey of weaving classic designs into contemporary collection of Hidesign bags

Located right outside the pretty town of Pondicherry, lies a factory like no other. When I was invited for a visit to the manufacturing facility of Hidesign, I certainly did not expect what was to come. The magic happens amidst acres of green untamed private land housing an earthy and humble factory set up.

What was supposed to be a routine job was turning into a joyful picnic. Our lovely host Naina guided us into the process of manufacture of the bags. The bags which were being cut, stitched and molded belonged to the brand new collection of the leather bag manufacturer.

The East Idia Collection, made using the East India Leather has a range of bags and accessories for both men and women. The leather, as I was told was made using traditional South Indian method of vegetable tanning which was celebrated as the leather of the highest quality around the world, for over two centuries. With its durable and naturally glowing texture, the E.I. leather was highly sought after by the Italians and British in the 20th Century.

Now Hidesign aims to bring back the 200 year old heritage leather into contemporary fashion.

It was certainly an experience to watch the entire process of leather being molded into beautiful bags. Hidesign uses premium raw materials, not compromising on quality which takes shape into iconic durable bags which last a lifetime. I personally own a couple of them, and although I have put it through rough times, it has lasted more than a couple of seasons without showing signs of fading or damage. Poisonous chemical treatments are out and emphasize is given on sustainable fashion as they move to pure vegetable tanning.

Did You Know: Luxury French design house, Louis Vuitton has invested into Hidesign. And Hidesign stands as the only Indian Company to have so.

With help and expertise from LV, Hidesign stands as one of the India’s best bag manufacturing companies with its superior craftsmanship and eclectic yet classy designs.

The beauty of the new (East India) collection is how the full grain leathers highlight the natural texture. The leather is guilt free as it is responsibly sourced. Available in colours of Tan, Brown, Marsala and Midnight blue, each bag has a unique nostalgic character set in the modern context and comfort.

After this experience, I must say that the brand does no doubt live up to its ethos of high quality and ecological values showing strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovation.

– Navya






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