Ozran Beach, Goa

Acclaimed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Ozran is not far from bustling beach of  Anjuna. This pretty little beach, also known as Little Vagator, is a part of Vagator which is home to plenty of cool joints attracting a lot of hip crowd.

Vagator is a hotbed of hotspots in Goa with its ever changing music scene as it is contemporary and mod. I was thrilled to find electronic roaring up the decks of the clubs.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the beach, go for a swim and hit up one of the shacks for the Sunset
  • Hit the parties on the clubs on the Ozran beach roadand enjoy the music scene at Waters, Nine Bar (on their electronic music nights), etc
  • Chronicle opens in November and is on the same Ozron beach road. This place has a beautiful dining area and open air beach club. Best to go there for drinks during the sunset.
  • You can also head to cafes like Baba Au Rhum, Om Made Cafe in Anjuna for a wholesome organic meal. These cafes are located in Anjuna, which is just 2 kms from Vagator.
  • The Greek food at Thalassa  will definitely not disappoint you. Book a table in prior either for lunch or dinner. This restaurant is also located on the Ozron Beach road.
View of Ozran
View of Ozran
Waters Lounge
Waters Lounge

Place to stay:

There are plenty of chic boutique hotels and guesthouses to stay on the Ozran beach road but I strongly recommend the Casa Vagator. It has a beautiful view of the horizon from the deck of their restaurant. The back gate of this property opens out to the Ozran beach. This place has upbeat interiors, and 2 pools to get your groove on. And a Tip, Sunburn has announced their venue as Vagator this season, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The pool at Casa Vagator
Path ways
The view from the deck

Architecture Pictures of O/Six Collective


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