L’Occitane Spa & Warren Tricomi Salon, Bangalore: Review

Having been to Warren Tricomi spa in Goa and having reviewed the same earlier, I was quite excited to review their salon services here in Bangalore. Located at the VR Bengaluru, the Spa La Vie by L’Occitane serves as the house spa for the Waverly Hotels & Residences. Both the luxury international brands are brought into one entity, to help the residents of the hotel and the visiting shoppers to enjoy the entire spectrum of services. These luxury chain of salon and spa is spread over 4,500 sq. feet providing guests with Provencal- inspired body & face rituals.

I chose the Novolash service and not being a big fan of deep tissue, chose the Relaxing Aromachologie (Swedish) Massage.

The Novolash, or the eyelash extensions are a new concept and Warren Tricomi Salon is among the only two salons which offers this service in Bangalore. Although I do not care for fake lashes when going out, the thought of waking up pretty with long full lashes excited me. The whole process of attaching  fake lashes to every natural lash took about 2 hours which was a long time to keep your eyes closed. I suggest you have a cup of soothing herbal tea before procedure and sleep through it. But it was all worth it when the result looked fabulously natural. I had 14 mm long thick lashes and it said they would not go way for a good 5-6 weeks. But here is the truth, they started falling off heavily by the 2nd week and were all gone within 4 weeks along with one third of my natural lashes. Did I take good care of it? Yes, no doubt, from changing my sleeping position to face up so I do not rub my lovely lashes against the pillow to being extremely gentle while washing my face and not using oil based products near my lashes, I did enough.

1 (2)

I had no reactions to the products they used, although I experienced slight redness every time I washed my face for a week as the glue entered my eye with water. But the redness was temporary and would go away withing 10 mins. But I have a friend who had infection because of the glue going into the eye as her eyes would not close completely during the application. Caution needs to be maintained while application.

Does it make a huge difference to your look? Yes, it does, since you wake up looking like a dove eyed beauty every single day for 3-4 weeks. And if you are a regular user of eye lash strips unlike me, it saves so much time and effort into getting ready. Do I recommend the service? It totally depends on how committed you are to keep having it redone every 3-4 weeks since it is slightly on the expensive side if you have to shell out 5k each time just on your lashes. Otherwise, you will end up with poorer lashes than before, which completely defeats the purpose.

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Coming to the Swedish massage, I went for it after a long day of work and having raged the previous night with alcohol still in my system. I was having terrible body pain and all I needed was an hour with Spa La Vie’s well trained therapist to feel better and rejuvenated. I was distressed and felt revitalized. The setting of the spa, the products they use, the therapists they have is all on point. I definitely  would go back there for a massage whenever I am a the VR. A must after shopping at the VR Bengaluru, highly recommended.






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