From being one of my favorite resort wear designers in the country, Anupamaa Dayal is an embodiment of the gypsy soul. You can see her warm and liberal personality reflected in her collections. I could not have gone ethnic for anyone else.

Adorning her show stopper outfit from her recent showcase at the India Beach Fashion Week 2016 and adoring it to bits, I present to you the timeless era of Madhumalati- A collection that salutes the magnetic seductive aura of the elegant and free spirited ‘nautch girls‘.

Anupamaa (4)Anupamaa (2)Anupamaa (1)

Drenched in desire

Burning with passion

Allow yourself

At least once in your lifetime

To be owned

Mind body and soul

The nautch girl danced

There were bells on her feet

Her smile was a lotus

And there were rainbows in her eyes

He wanted so much to get close to her

If she was real

So would his dreams be.

The warm glow

Of her beauty

Shuts out his pain

His every failure

His dislike for himself

Mirrored in the glass he holds

Bubbles of her laughter

Nights that feel like silk

About Anupamaa

Launched in 2004 ‘Anupamaa’ has received a great response in Paris and has showcased at the prestigious Rosemount Australia Fashion Week. The Anupamaa brand is available in stores across US, Europe, Middle East, South East and Australia. Anupamaa has been experimenting and setting new milestones in her unique printing and needle work techniques.The Anupamaa brand is regularly seen in the 150 stores of the iconic Anthropologie. The buyers claim to be in love with the eclectic, artistic look and the unusual use of colour. In India, Anupamaa retails from Bombay Electric, Ogaan, Ensemble, Evoluzione, Amethyst and several other stores. Anupamaa is also available in international luxury stores like Moda In, Etre, Prestige, Ashto and Bla Bla. The brand is available in countries across the world including New Delhi, Mumbai, London, New York, Paris, Milan Tokyo, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, Ibiza, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico to name some.


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