An Affair with the Le 2…

The smart phone aids us throughout our day and is an integral part of our lives. It is also an extension of your style as it is an accessory that you cannot part with. Hence, it is crucial to have a handy, headstrong & handsome phone just like your partner.

As such, I would like to talk about my relationship with my sexy and sleek Rose Gold colored Le 2 that has been accompanying me for the last 10 days. Let me tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly about the Le 2 from LeEco.

Handsome: Although a bit thicker than the new Samsung Galaxy phones or the iPhone 6S, the Le 2 looks sleek. The touch and feel of the phone is fantastic as it has got a matte metallic finish and it is great to hold. I also do not like to use a cover for the phone and thankfully it is scratch resistant. It has already seen the floor a few times, but no major damage.


Handy: This is a personal preference as I prefer Android OS more than anything else. I find it very handy to use. I feel that it has depth and I can do a lot with it.

Sees you in great light: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder/ beerholder and that is true about this phone. It captures great images in the day light. But might get a little pixelated, grainy and dark in a low light. It does not come with a built-in photo editor tool, so you might have to download one from Play Store. Videos are also super clear and crisp in day light.

Lasts Long: The phone’s battery lasts very long even when I am constantly browsing, uploading, posting and watching videos. It lasted me 9 whole hours the day I was on Snapchat all day long, taking pictures, recording videos, editing images and messaging. That really is a good long lasting quality, if you ask me. It charges quickly too. Charges to 100% within two hours.

No hang ups so far: The phone is fast, responds quickly and I have little complaints so far. Although I had a bit of a problems while using Snapchat. The rear camera does not work with flash on Snapchat and I cannot delete the posts on my story once posted. I have to reboot for the same.

All and all it is a dependable phone and a great phone for the price point it is offered at. It had three Flash Sales on Flipkart and LeMall, and is now open for purchase through Open Sale.

You can check out the specifications and all the technical stuff, here.



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