Alpha Bravo Charlie: Review on the Whitefield Arms

TGIF and that calls for the start of a great weekend. And what better way to spend it than by exploring new places and savoring good food & cocktails in alluring company? Hence I present to you one of the new and most exciting pubs in town which you must visit over this weekend.

The Whitefield Arms, at the VR Bengaluru is a charismatic little English pub with a colonial theme. It houses an exquisitely long bar where you can order delicious cocktails and indulge in a peppy conversation with the bartenders. The beautiful black french doors leading to a charming outside seating area complete with benches, lampposts and well kept plants and flowers adds to the charisma of the place.

I like to order my drinks at the bar, tell the bartender my alcohol preference and the taste that I am craving for the evening, and watch him whip out a my cocktail just for me. They have a good range of  signature cocktails which I missed trying as I am only drinking wine for a while. Hence I ordered them without alcohol and they looked scrumptious. I would not go into details of it, as it obviously tastes different with alcohol but I must mention the one with Redbull and orange. It was the simplest thing and it was so delicious. I definitely will try that one with Vodka sometime soon. It was the second time that I was visiting the bar that month, and surprisingly the waiter remembered the selection of my wine from last time. They have a fine collection of wine, not too elaborate but a well chosen one.

Coming to their food, I have tried all their meals, their breakfast spread, their lunch, dinner and bar menus.

The breakfast spread is quite simple and yet well thought of. They have English as well as Local South Indian options. The confectionery and breads seemed straight out of the  oven as they were fresh and done just right. You must try their croissants and cinnamon rolls if you make it to breakfast here. We ordered some South-Indian dishes  and they did do justice to the local food. I also ordered Eggs and Steak with hash browns which was quite filling and heavy with my morning coffee.

We tried a number of things from their lunch and dinner array. Starting from their soups, the New English Seafood Chowder seemed appealing. The seafood included fresh shrimp, squid, salmon and halibut in mild creamy soup. Since I am allergic to crustaceans, my friend tried it and gave me a thumbs up on the same. The Waverly Salad, we ordered with bacon was green and fresh and the cheese was so light, we finished it in minutes. Other small plates that are a must try here the Pulled Pork Butty, Confit Pork Tarlets, Cavalry’s Special Chicken and my favorite Grilled Honey Chilli Beef. The main course or the King’s meal, the way they call it are soul filling which we relished in this amazing monsoons. The Slow Braised Roast Lamb Shoulder and the Pan Seared Salmon was just divine. The Barbecued Pork ribs and the Peppercorn Fillet Steak was as my friend described it, “like sex” and it went perfectly with my Cabernet Savignon.


The service is on point at this place. The meals were prepared on time and served. The waiters were cheerful, extremely. The bartenders well trained and one of the staff member also entertained us with some bar ticks. It is a perfect place to kick off your Friday evening, or, a Saturday get together with old pals or after a shopping spree at the VR. There is a charm about this place which makes me want to go back again. I hope they keep it up and it never dies down.

P.S: They also have a micro brewery, which is going to be open soon, they say they will have live street food counters and live acts when that happens. Can’t wait for that.

Tastefully yours,





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