India Beach Fashion Week 2016, Uncovered

Set on the beautiful shores of the Goan beach, the venue promised a surge of India’s best resort and beach fashion. Having visited the beach the previous day and having partied the night before, my mood was all set to witness the edgiest of the Indian Resort and beach fashion.

I picked my shows based on my interest, keeping it purely resort and beach wear fashion. The first show I attended was Flirtatious by designer Aakriti Grover. I was awed at the international appeal and the quality of designs of this collection. The use of pop colors amidst subdued colors and prints made for a young, contemporary and cool collection. Truly refreshing and ultra chic, this collection definitely was one of my favorites to show at the IBFW.


The last show for the day was from the internationally acclaimed designers, Falguni & Shane Peacock. Having formally seen their cocktail and bridal collection, I was really interested to see what they would bring on the platter for resort. And expecting to be blown away, I eagerly watched as they presented a series of different textiles, textures, prints and designs all sued-in together in one collection. From the swanky jumpsuits, the clamorous evening wear, the breezy dresses, the trendy coverups, to the flirty swimwear, the collection had everything required for a luxurious holiday. Falguni & Shane definitely put up the most unique, top of the notch avant-garde resort wear shows that I have experienced.


Other notable collections include Anuj Madaan’s men’s formal wear which showcased  finesse and uniqueness in design. There were a couple of resort striped trousers included in the majorly formal collection which I adored.


Asmita Marwa, a collection made completely using the waste from her previous collection was presented quite impressively with all the drama, furthering the sentiment of environment consciousness. Wear it to the beach, wear it to work or to a party, this collection is certainly versatile as it makes a statement of sustainability wherever and however you wear it.


On the whole, IBFW 2016 did give a feel of the resort wear fashion and the glamour of a fashion week, but I definitely missed the big names in the Indian resort fashion. I can never have enough of the beach, or the beach fashion. Hoping for more pizzazz, more drama and more cutting-edge fashion in the next season.

#IBFW2016 #SummerDrive

Sensually yours,









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