Countdown: Four Finest beaches of North Goa

Goa being my favorite beach town in India, it always has something new to offer every-time I go back. With the season kicking in, it is time I update you on the most wondrous beaches of the North. For a lot of people, Goa starts and ends at the overly commercial Baga- Calangute, where it is all about the clamorous partying and binge drinking. For some, its about getting wasted in the tarnished remains of the hippies at Anjuna. And this is not a post for them. It is for those, whose passion drives their endeavors and whose sensations drives their bodies. For travelers who are not tourists. Goa is not about tripping on the beach, for me Goa is personal, it is about trip-hopping into the sunset….

Nature is where I derive my energy from and I find that human intervention, especially a lot of it decreases the beauty and charm of nature. And hence the closer we are towards the end of the countdown, the closer we are towards the most unadulterated, serene and desolated beaches and further do we go North (of Goa).

Starting off with the most populous but one of the most swanky beaches on this post, here is the first hand opinion of a sensualist on finest beaches of North Goa:

sensualistsonly (4)

Being the first North Goa beach that can be accessed from the Goa international Airport, Candolim is lively with numerous high-end shacks, pubs, bars and luxury hotels & resorts. If you are looking for fun and entertainment, this is place to be as there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied around the area. I personally do not like the beach as it is crowded, but there are some secluded parts of the beach which have fewer people. Know More…

sensualistsonly (1)

Acclaimed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Ozran is not far from bustling beach of  Anjuna. This pretty little beach, also known as Little Vagator, is a part of Vagator which is home to plenty of cool joints attracting a lot of hip crowd. Know More…

sensualistsonly (2)

Welcome to the other side of the bridge to the northern most belt that encompasses the most scenic beaches of Goa . This stretch starting right after the Chapora river will have you dumb-folded and ecstatic with its sheer beauty and serenity. Know More…

sensualistsonly (3)

At the last leg of Goa, touching the tip of Maharashtra lies the Querim beach with its untouched natural beauty and scarce shacks. This is the most inhabited and unhindered beach of the North. Feel free to enter a zone of rapture and relax in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. All there is to do here is swim and spend your time experiencing the true bliss of nature. Know More…


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