Querim Beach, Goa

At the last leg of Goa, touching the tip of Maharashtra lies the Querim beach with its untouched natural beauty and scarce shacks. This is the most inhabited and unhindered beach of the North. Feel free to enter a zone of rapture and relax in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. All there is to do here is swim and spend your time experiencing the true bliss of nature. The sun, the sky, the water, the sand, and shade.

Things to do:

  1. Take a ferry crossing the Terakhol river to the Terakhol Fort for a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea.
  2. Swim at the peaceful lagoons at the Redi Fort, just 4-5 kms from the Redi Fort
  3. Pack a lunch or go skinny dipping in deep waters near the Terakhol Fort for a lovely
  4. Enjoy the most delicious Goan lunch made with fresh catch and produce at the restaurant at Terakhol Fort.

Where to stay:

Take a weekend or a night off to enjoy in company of a lover and stay at the Heritage Hotel at Terakhol Fort. This 17th century fort has only seven refurbished rooms, each named after a day of the week , giving you the most authentic experience with modern comforts. The patio of the fort contains an excellent old church, adding to the charisma of the place.




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