True Soul


When I got a call at 7 pm in the evening from Abhinav, for a shoot the next morning, I did not know what to say as he had little friends in Bangalore who could help him out with his photography project. Very reluctantly, I committed, going over the theme and outfits for the same.

I picked floral printed prom skirts, in different lengths, mini, midi and maxi, something that was easily available in my wardrobe, a theme of girly 1960’s sophistication with Dior and Tom Ford glasses. We decided to shoot at a friend’s apartment. And have only worked with him once before as he helped his friend who shot me Goa last season, I did not know what to expect. I am interested in portraits, he said, which made me realize that I was the subject, not my clothes.

As I went by one change after the other, I had no clue what his lenses and eyes noticed. For once, I felt completely not-in-control of the direction, nor did I play any part in the post production. It is my artistic expression, he said. So I left it up to him. Trust the artists, I had learnt, the freedom of complete creativity brings out the best in them.

And this is me, the subtlety in my moods, which I never realized showed as much, the depth in my expression, which had been captured timelessly and my spirit peering through his photography.

Someone once told me, black and white is true soul, I concur.


Photography – Avinash Anguria

Styling & Modeling – Navya Ramesh



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