Morjim, Goa

Welcome to the other side of the bridge to the northern most belt that encompasses the most scenic beaches of Goa . This stretch starting right after the Chapora river will have you dumb-folded and ecstatic with its sheer beauty and serenity.

The first beach that you will encounter is the picturesque Morjim Beach. Known for the love of Russians, this dark sand beauty is the place to be for a halcyon holiday. The cool breeze sets the mood to a tranquil mind which leaves way to a blast of emotions when you swim deep into the calming waves. And the sunsets, to top it all is the most exquisite from this part of town.

Things to Do:

  • Ideal for a jog or walk on the beach during the sunrise.
  • Less than a kilometer walk on the beach is the Ashvem beach, where you can catch the sunset and some snacks & drinks by the beach shacks
  • Attend the best of Techno, Deep house beach front parties during the weekends at Club M at Marbela Beach Resort

Where to stay:

Marbela Beach Resort- One stop destination for great ambiance, amazing cuisine, scenic environment, and the bustling parties. There is something for every kind of pleasure seeker here.

Morjim & me
Fire dancers at Marbela Party

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