Casa Britona, Goa

Goa, known for the coastline which overlooks the horizon from the Arabian sea has lush flora and fauna, but it does not end there. It houses many forests, villages, rivers and backwaters. It is full of hidden gems and surprises. The more you discover it, the more there is to discover.

The back waters of Mandovi river hosts a secluded village known as Britona, which is just a few kilometers away from the airport. Casa Britona is one of its gems. Quietly tucked away and bang on the banks of the river, the 300 year old structure, converted into a heritage home is no doubt the most unexpected retreats.

I had an early breakfast meeting with the owner of Casa properties, hence I made my way nursing my hangover. And sitting on the deck by the riverside which diminishes into the forest, was as pleasant as that morning could have ever gotten. The tour of the little home consisting of eight uniquely designed rooms by the owner and various acclaimed interior designers was a lesson in design and artistry. The lengths of details of the wall paintings and antique furniture sourced from around the country is sincerely admirable.

Originally designed to be the personal holiday home of the owner, it definitely has a warmth and an inviting vibe to it. I could imagine festivities, celebrations, romance, intimacy, spending hours on the deck chatting and laughing, taking a dip in the pool, going fishing in the river, hiring the yacht/ boat from the yacht club close by and spending the holidays with close friends and extended family. It is a place where you spend exclusive time with those special people.

– Navya




Architecture Photos by O/Six Collective


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