Casa Anjuna, Goa

Being the bygones of the hedonistic era of the 1980s and 1990s, Anjuna Beach inspires music around the world and holds its reputation for throwing old school underground trance parties. Also known for its bohemian flee markets, this notorious village still carries the melancholy of heritage of the hippies and the spirit of the free-people in the air.

Just 200 meters away from the Anjuna beach lies this stand-still-in-time Portuguese mansion, as a contrast to the clamour and lunacy of the Anjuna Beach, giving you the best of both worlds.

The first thing I noticed about when I entered the gates, is its glorious vintage courtyard and the colorful garden surrounding the entire Haveli. It eases you back in time amidst the decades of Portuguese rule in Goa. With its antique decor and graciously thought of colonial interiors, it was a perfect place to unfurl into the luxury of the legacy of old Portugal.

Every room in the mansion opened up to an elegant view of the surroundings and I chose the pretty pool facing one. I was taken back in time where the world moved ever so slow and so deliberately, as the birds chirped thought the luscious green foliage. A dip in the charming pool and dining by the poolside was a romantic affair as I fell love with the serenity of my surroundings.

The sophisticated staff and the homely service made it an even more relaxing holiday experience. Go down there if you are a romanticist, love dwelling in the past or just to have a spectacularly unique vacation amidst all the hubbub of Goa.


The Courtyard
The Portuguese stylized interiors
Antique furniture in the Room

Architecture Photos by O/Six Collective


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