Solitary Sensations

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Nesting in my thoughts and delighting myself with my habits, I find myself in an abyss. An abyss of self-awareness. I am conscious, in all its glory, learning, observing and absorbing how my mind perceives the environment, how my senses react to it and how my body responds. I am comfortable with my glacial pace and time is no factor. It is at this moment, I feel at bliss, listening to the sound of the wind, feeling the chill as it raises the hair on my arms, experiencing the weight of it in my dark hair, how the wind carries my hair up and leaves it behind once it is through.

This is epiphany, unadulterated by the voice of others and unhindered by their judgments. Sometimes, more than often, all you need is yourself, detached from the world, attached to your sensations. All you can do is to bring yourself happiness. You are a whole, an individual, born in this cluster, craving for individuality. And this is how you find yourself. Not amidst the crowd, influenced by the noise, but here,now.

Know yourself, grow yourself, explore yourself, devour yourself….

Your thoughts, your passions, your emotions and your desires are your own. Do not let the world tell you otherwise. Hold on to this, for this what makes you and not just an imitation.


Creative Direction, Styling, Modelling – Navya Ramesh

Photography – Hari Menon

Location Courtesy- Jade 735


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